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Friday, September 9, 2016

Budget Likely to Overshadow Ag Issues as Congress Returns

(Casey Wooten, Bloomberg BNA) The House is expected to be back on the road again in October for general election campaigns.

Rural Economy
Indeed, there have been steep drops in the prices of some farm commodities over the past few years, and that has had an impact on the rural economy.

Zack Clark, government relations representative at the National Farmers Union, said lawmakers know it.

Still, there's little that Congress can do legislatively in the short period it has left, but Clark says groups like his will continue to push lawmakers to provide more assistance to farmers over the next few months and into the upcoming lame-duck session at the end of the year.

Funding, TPP
Congress must pass a bill to fund the government by the end of September.

Many agriculture industry groups said that though it isn't likely Congress would take up the broad Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal in September, the groups would continue to push for a vote in the lame duck.

"For those members of Congress that are concerned about agriculture, the single thing that they can do to help agriculture is to take up the Trans-Pacific Partnership," Jon Doggett, executive vice president of the National Corn Growers Association, said.


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