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Friday, April 8, 2016

Why is a Crappie Fishing Boat Pictured in Front of a Cornfield?

KyCorn and Commonwealth Agri-Energy will be entering into a unique partnership this spring: the national tournament fishing trail for Crappie Masters.  Over the next couple of months, farmers across the state, especially in the Purchase Region, will be hearing a lot in the media about the American Ethanol KY/TN State Championship within the Crappie Masters tournament schedule.  American Ethanol is the same brand that has been involved with NASCAR over the past 6 years to prove that ethanol is a win-win-win for automobiles - a WIN for human health and the environment, a WIN for your engine and a WIN for your pocketbook.
Now, we want to carry that message to boat owners, to dispel the many myths about E10's damaging impact on boat engines.  It is time to get real, and get aggressive, about the fact that there is nothing to fear regarding E10 in marine engines.  It DOES NOT cause the damage it has been blamed for by the oil industry, and it DOES provide meaningful benefits on the water.  Through this partnership with Crappie Masters, an angler team will be operating a boat wrapped with the American Ethanol logo.  And during this particular stop on the tournament trail, Crappie Masters will immerse their audience in the topic.  A couple of television episodes on Crappie Masters TV will also feature our information to four million viewers this fall on the Pursuit Channel.
"We don't just get a single angler team, we get the entire Crappie Masters network" said Adam Andrews, Programs Director for KyCorn.  "This partnership with Crappie Masters places a whole new set of professional spokespersons at our disposal to advocate this issue."   Since 2014, every winner at every tournament on this trail has proudly stated that E10 powered their boat to the fishing holes where they caught their winning fish. Those testimonies are vital to our success in correcting the myths that have been placed by ethanol opponents who are misunderstanding the causes of fuel system fiascos.  Crappie Masters has nearly 30,000 social media followers.  The tournament trail traverses the country all year with the American Ethanol message.
"Our audience is hungry for information on the topic!  This partnership is a great tool to initiate a factual dialogue on using E10 fuel in boats," explains Crappie Masters emcee, Brian Sowers.  "We are proud to have the opportunity and responsibility to join the agriculture industry in their efforts to advance an accurate understanding of how homegrown fuel is safe for boats."

Around the lakes this spring you'll see banners.  You'll hear radio ads and interviews.  You'll see the American Ethanol and Crappie Masters logos side-by-side in newspaper ads.  We want farmers, anglers and boat owners to understand the benefits of ethanol to your environment, your economy and your engine.  Today, E10 fuel comprises more than 95 percent of the gasoline sold nationwide.  The use of E10 fuel has been approved for all marine engines since about 1990.  "We are excited about this partnership with professionals who rely on a smooth-running, high performing boat engines to earn their paychecks," said Richard Strode, President of the KyCorn. "I hope farmers get involved in this discussion with their friends who are critical about ethanol's compatibility in marine engines and small engines.  It is our job as KyCorn to put those discussion tools in farmers' toolbox, this information campaign through Crappie Masters is just one way we are doing that."

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