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Friday, April 15, 2016

Legislative Staff Learns Ethanol Facts

Nearly 100 spokespersons descended on offices in Washington, DC earlier this week; reaching out to legislative staff in Congressional districts that do not hear the corn or ethanol story very often.  "Representatives of these areas get the same opportunity to vote on ethanol issues, so it is perhaps more important that we become a resource to these non-cornbelt offices to be sure they get both sides of the ethanol story, since our Kentucky Delegation readily hears these topics from us", said KyCorn Programs Director Adam Andrews.
The annual Washington DC fly-in is hosted by American Coalition for Ethanol, or "ACE".  KyCorn is a dues-paying member.  Selection criteria for requesting meetings was offices outside of the Midwest, who have co-sponsored anti-ethanol legislation or have signed onto letters that were critical of ethanol.  The objective of the meetings was to understand what drove the decision, and respectfully provide a pro-ethanol perspective.  "It is inevitable that these members will have another opportunity to join an anti-ethanol effort in the future, and it behooves us to provide ourselves as a resource for the next time that the decision is presented to them", explained Adam.
"From our discussions, we found that in many cases the office didn't have a very compelling reason to sign onto the anti-ethanol effort that they participated in.  We need to be sure to keep the relationship active with these offices.  In many cases, their participation against ethanol can be prevented, if we just respectfully provide a balanced set of facts."

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