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Friday, April 1, 2016

E10 is Safe for Boats?!

As spring is rolling in, the American Ethanol/Crappie Masters 2016 State Championship, sponsored jointly by KY Corn and Commonwealth Agri-Energy, is getting closer! The tournament will take place May 13-14 at Kentucky Lake and Lake Barkley. 

Through our partnership with Crappie Masters Tournament Trail and an angler team sponsored by American Ethanol, we are attempting to dispel the myths about ethanol's impact on marine motors and other small engines. We want farmers, anglers and boat owners to understand the benefits of ethanol to your environment, your economy and your engine.

Today, fuel blended with 10 percent ethanol (E10) comprises more than 95 percent of the gasoline sold nationwide.  The use of E10 fuel has been covered under warranty for all marine engines that have entered the market over the past couple of decades  "We are excited about this partnership with professionals who rely on a smooth-running, high performing boat engines to earn their paychecks," said Richard Strode, President of the Kentucky Corn Growers Association. "Since 2014, every winner at every tournament on this trail has proudly stated that E10 powered their boat to the fishing holes where they caught their winning fish. Those testimonies are vital to our success in correcting the myths that have been placed by ethanol opponents throughout this very passionate segment of fuel consumers."

Join KyCorn this May at Buchanan Resort to help correct the misunderstandings on the use of ethanol in boats. 

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