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Friday, February 19, 2016

U.S. Grains Council Delegates Attend Annual Meeting

Approximately 230 U.S. Grains Council delegates from across the United States congregated this week in Sarasota, Florida for the 13th International Marketing Conference and 56th Annual Membership Meeting to evaluate existing programs and develop marketing tactics for the upcoming year. Representing KY Corn Growers Association was Philip McCoun, Promotion Council Chairman and Delegate, Henry Sanger, Delegate, and Kenneth Hayden, Delegate, Laura Knoth, Executive Director. 
Once a year, USGC representatives from the grain commodities can come together and discuss the organizations efforts directly with the Council's international staff. 

"It is extremely important for KY Corn to stay involved with the USGC. Their main priority is exports and improving other lives in other countries," said Philip.  "KY Corn will benefit from higher exports whether in the form of grain or ethanol, but if we could get the export of Ethanol increase it would help corn tremendously."  
Members from state checkoffs, agribusinesses and other organizations met with USGC staff this week during Advisory Team meetings that were focused on topics including trade policy, biotechnology, value-added opportunities and ethanol and regions including Asia, the Middle East and Africa and the Western Hemisphere.
The meeting came to an end with attendees meeting to share input from the small group sessions with the USGC Board of Delegates and Directors. Priorities laid out in the A-Team meetings included aggressive market development for ethanol exports, promoting a global understanding of biotechnology and providing U.S. agriculture a voice during global trade policy negotiations.

More about this weeks meeting and discussions can be found here

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