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Friday, December 11, 2015

Kentucky Represented on NCGA Action Teams

This week NCGA Action Teams met in St. Louis, MO to discuss issues the organization faces and long term projects. We were grateful to have Quint and Leah Pottinger represent Kentucky this week in St. Louis. 

Quint served on the Research and Business Development Action Team. "We took a look at long and short terms plans," said Quint Pottinger. "Our main focus was trying to find new uses for corn, that are not region or state specific, to be as useful as possible."

The team focused on actions that would keep the market stable for the next big push within the corn industry. "I am confident all issues we discussed not only effect and benefit all growers, not just Kentucky."

Leah was able to serve on the Grower Services Action Team. "We really focused on how to improve communications to everyone including growers, consumers and customers," said Leah Pottinger. "NCGA is working on releasing an app which will include talking points for our growers when they are talking to consumers, as well as give them immediate information on an arising issue."

"It was invigorating to see the grassroots process at work," said KY Corn Growers Director of Programs, Adam Andrews. "Several committees were very engaged in the process and provided strong input to the NCGA Board of Directors and to the direction of our organization. Kentucky corn farmers should be proud that they were represented very well."

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