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Monday, November 16, 2015

NASS County Yield Survey

The National Agricultural Statistics Service is currently conducting 2015 yield surveys. Kentucky Corn encourages producers contacted to complete a 2015 yield survey. Many USDA agencies, including the Farm Service Agency (FSA) and Risk Management Agency (RMA), use the NASS yield data for their programs. Your ability to share this information will result in more informed producers.

Under the 2014 Farm Bill, FSA uses the NASS county yield data to calculate Agriculture Risk Coverage - County (ARC-CO) benchmark revenues and current year county revenues. For example, the 2014 NASS county yield, along with the crop's marketing year average price (MYA), are used to determine the county's current year revenue to determine if the county will trigger an ARC-CO payment. An ARC-CO payment is triggered for a county when the current year revenue falls below the guarantee revenue for the crop and crop year.

In cases where NASS county yield data is not available, the FSA State Committee must determine a county yield using RMA yield data or the best available yield data, including assigning a county yield using neighboring county yields from NASS or RMA.

There are two surveys used to collect yields, the County Agricultural Production Survey and December Agricultural Survey. Telephone interviewers are currently conducting follow-up for the County Agricultural Production Survey. In late November and early December the December Agricultural Survey will be conducted. Any information that producers provide to NASS is kept confidential and protected by federal law. NASS publishes only aggregate-level data, ensuring that no individual operation or producer can be identified. All reports will be available here.

If you have questions about these surveys, or how NASS establishes county yields, please contact David Knopf at or (502) 582-5260.

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