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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Corn Fed Kentucky Launched to Showcase Crop Impact on Local Economy

KyCorn has launched a promotional campaign called Corn Fed Kentucky to showcase the impact Kentucky's corn farmers have on important Kentucky industries such as food, livestock, biofuel and bourbon production. The success of the campaign will rely on farmer participation and those actively using social media.

"Corn is a primary feedstock for many Kentucky products," said Russel Schwenke, KyCorn president and farmer from Boone Co., Kentucky. "We hope to show Kentucky's leaders and citizens how important our family corn farmers are to the local economy."

Last year, Kentucky corn farmers produced a crop valued at more than $1.1 billion. Kentucky's corn industry creates raw product for livestock feed, food processors, bourbon and spirit distillation, biofuelproduction and export markets among others. Kentucky grain production also supports more than 43,000 jobs, and contributes $31 million to state and local taxes.

The Corn Fed Kentucky promotion involves farmers sharing messages on their vehicles and grain trailers which lead folks to the social media component. Any person who uses the hashtag #CornFedKy in their social media posts will be entered into a sweepstakes drawing for monthly Corn Fed Kentucky prizes.

"We have shipped out more than 100 signs to our corn farmer members," said Jennifer Elwell, KyCorn's communications director. "I am thrilled that farmers want to show pride in what they do. The next step is to turn our attention to engaging the public with social media activity."

KyCorn has a number of messages that can be shared or retweeted on their social media channels that bring attention to how corn is used within the Commonwealth.

"Many folks do not realize that Kentucky corn is used for more than just animal feed," said Elwell. "Bourbon is a unique market in Kentucky, and a larger portion of the corn crop is directed to food processors than in other corn-producing states. We are very thankful for the many businesses that give our Kentucky farmers a strong marketplace for their corn."

The Corn Fed Kentucky promotion will run throughout the year. Anyone interested in participating or winning prizes may visit to learn more.

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